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2021 Fall Tackle

Fall Tackle Program registration is now open.


U18 RMFL is planned to go forward with a regular full season despite the current MB situation.


U18 PGFL (Girl's) inaugural season is a go!  The first year competing for a league title.  Join the team as we try to make some history!


U14 Parkland Jr. is scheduled to go ahead as in previous years.  


U10/U12 Needs Coaches to be able to play.  Current coach load in the other programs has us max'd out coaching multiple teams.  Please consider stepping up so the kids can play!

Quick Hits

Quick hits to get your Generals fix!

  • Congrats U18 Grads!! Layne Kyle, Aussin Reinks & Nathan Duncan
  • Congrats U18 Girl's Grads!! Kaitlyn Jacobi, Miranda Shaw, Jorja Swanson, Alexa Cameron, Bailey Delbridge & Sydney Schenn
  • U12 Team Chicken Head HC - TJ Schenn
  • U12 Team Cow Head HC - Layne Kyle
  • Thanks to our Sponsors!!
  • The Mortar (our version of the "Hokie Stone")

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